Patriotic Program


Our first big event this year was a Patriotic Program featuring the 4th grade students. They really put on a great show this year. All the kids came dressed in red, white, and blue. They rapped about all the presidents and sang quite a wide selection of songs. They even did sign language for one. Our music teacher did an amazing job with them they were all well prepared and sounded wonderful which is a tough task at the beginning of the school year.

The decorations this year were Peter Max inspired. I found these great drawings over on Mary Making and just tweaked them to meet our needs.

We started by painting the backgrounds using biggie cake paints. They were allowed to choose between white and manila paper and we made sure to discuss the differences. The students decided that in this painting the white paper was smoother and made the colors look bright, while the rough texture of the manila made the charcoal and chalk look more interesting. Many students loved that the white paint showed up on the manila paper.

The next week when the paint was dry they drew their statues. I LOVE how each one is full of personality and unique. They made sure to smudge the charcoal around a little as they went and added touches of color with red, white, and blue chalk pastels.

I finished them off my matting them to black, red, white, or blue paper and they were a huge hit at our PTA meeting/Program.

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