String Sculpture


These string sculptures are as funny as the kids who made them.

This year is my first year teaching Pre-K so I have been trying out quite a few different things to gauge what their skill set really is and this has been my favorite so far.

I gave each student a Styrofoam plate, a bowl with slightly watered down glue, a plastic fork, and a pile of 6-8 inch yarn pieces.

We dropped a yarn piece into the glue then stirred it with our forks. They used the forks to scoop it out and plop it on their plate.

I set a timer for about 10 minutes but everyone ended up using up their glue or string before that. Then we spent some time stirring and lifting and mixing up our yarn on our plate. We pretended we were stirring up spaghetti. Then after a minute or two of that we stopped and used the fork to push the string into whatever shape they wanted.

It took a while for these to dry. My sample was dry after 24 hours but the kids used more glue so theirs took almost a week. While they were drying I pre-cut some black pieces for mouths and some white for teeth. I was planning on having the students pick their mouth shape and glue the teeth in but time got away from us so I ended up finishing them up so that we could move on to our next activity. I also added some googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs so they they would stand. We used these as inspiration for our drawings the next week.


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