Uploading Pictures into Canvas


Hello artists! I am here today to share a new video with you. As we move into the 2nd 9 weeks I want to make sure everyone knows how to upload their artwork into Canvas because Art is a graded subject for grades 1-5. Remember virtual learners may use any supplies they have on hand you do not have to have the same things we do and in the lesson videos I will usually offer alternatives!

Uploading via Chromebook

  1. Take your picture, you can use the camera on your Chromebook or a phone.
  2. Upload your picture to your Google drive
  3. Open the assignment in Canvas
  4. Click Submit assignment
  5. Choose “File Upload” if the picture is saved on your computer. Choose “Google Drive” if the picture is in your Google Drive.
  6. Click Submit Assignment and you’re all done!

Uploading via iPad and the Canvas Student App (or mom or dad’s phone)

  1. Take a picture using the iPad camera.
  2. Open the assignment in the App
  3. Click Submit assignment.
  4. Choose Camera Library when it pops up.
  5. Choose your picture and click Submit. You’re all done!

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