Oil Pastel Roses


Wowzers! These turned out to be a huge hit! So popular that I did it with two different grades!

When choosing projects for my art club groups I like to take their ideas and put them into good ol’ Goolge and see what images come up. Their lessons are much more free form and we add and change things whenever we want. I usually will narrow it down to two different projects we talk about them as a group and then we have a vote.

They really wanted to do some roses. So I chose one oil pastel and one painting and we talked about the pros and cons of each. They overwhelmingly voted to try out Roses! Roses! Roses! from SmART Class!

We decided to just use oil pastels for the background though instead of the cool gradient they painted on theirs.

The third graders made their roses LARGE! Then it took them a few classes to fill it in and blend it well. They turned out amazing! I even submitted one of these to our local student arts festival. The light blue and light green one below. She won a Student Choice Award for it!!!


Theirs were so popular with other students that when fifth grade had some spare time I decided to give them a go. The fifth graders actually had a much more difficult time. I think the smaller paper really made blending the oil pastels challenging. There were a lot of complaints from both groups while working on these. They felt like they were “messing up” the whole time. It wasn’t until we added the black outline at the end that the students really fell in love with these roses.

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