Magic Hat


imageThis was a fun, quick project. Our librarian rewards the students who have high amounts of Accelerated Reader points with a party. She usually plays a movie and orders pizza but this year she got a little more creative and hired a magician to come. He performed for a group of 1st – 5th graders who had the highest number of points and an average success rate of 80% or better.

The kids loved every second of it, and were buzzing about it for weeks after. I decided it might be nice to have some artwork inspired by his visit so I put second grade to work.

We drew the hat and the band across it. Then we drew big giant rabbit ears reaching up towards the top of the paper.


To make the “magic” that is floating around in the background, they used chalk pastels and blurred them a little with their fingers. The ears were painted first using white all over and then a small amount of red was added to make the middles pink. Then we painted the hat black, but left the band across plain. We cleaned up and let everything dry so that next week they could take turns using some metallic paint for the band across. For this step we set the room up in some centers. Most students were busy working on their next project, a few were finished with that one and had some early finishers, and then two at a time they would come and paint the band at a separate table. This made it easy to use as little metallic paint as possible with no extra waste. They are pretty adorable and the Librarian is already excited to hang them up for decoration when the magician comes again after Christmas.

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