Centers in the Art room


Hello new year!

I was a bad art teacher last year and did not keep my website updated at all! I am making it my goal to stay on top of it this year!

I am going to start today by sharing my new favorite activity: Art Centers!!

Every nine weeks our Kindergarten and First grade classes rotate which enrichment they attend on Fridays. I used to do a whole separate project for the Friday repeaters but then I saw how amazing the kids did in the Library for Fun Friday with their centers and decided I’d give it a try.

It has been amazing. It allows me time to work one on one or in small groups with the students who have been absent to get them caught up while everyone else gets to play and explore materials they may have never seen before.

The students also have a chance to earn a free day once a nine weeks by having good behavior in class. This allows the 2nd-5th graders a chance to use the centers as well.

Here are the centers we have been using:

Legos, Free Draw, Stencils, Spirograph, Fashion Plates, Wood Blocks, Waffle Blocks, Roll-a-Drawing, Texture Plates, Brain Flakes, iPads, Lite Bright, Tangrams, Reusable Stickers, Coloring Sheets, Rainbow Loom, Bead Bracelets, and Play-Doh.

The Legos are by far the favorite with everyone!

Here are some pictures of our kiddos having a blast!

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