Summer Bulletin Board


There is a small bulletin board in our main office. Each month a different grade level or group is assigned to change it out. Art is assigned May every year so that whatever I put up can remain over the summer and keep the office fresh and bright.

This year I will be out on Maternity Leave when May rolls around so I decided to be pro-active and make the board ahead of time. This way my substitute can just take down the April board and stick this whole one up at once.

Every year I try to use a quote or creative thought to get visitors in the office thinking. This year I chose “Knowledge of all things is possible” from Leonardo Da Vinci.


I have pre-made boards for the office before so I had one on hand to get the dimensions right. I just laid it out and cut a fresh sheet of black paper.

I wanted this board to be bright and colorful so I cut strips of hot pink paper to make the border.

I love just using construction paper as border. I like the choppy edges and since I usually only buy Tru-Ray construction paper the colors tend to hold together very well.



I created a silhouette out of some neon green, then chopped the top of its head off. I thought the green was a little too bright so I added an inner layer of black.

The quote was printed and glued to another color of bright fresh paper.

Then I printed out various subjects and glued them to construction paper.

I filled the rest of the design with swirls and clouds made of some scraps of paper marbled with chalk pastels.

I finished off the design by adding some lines and stars with a silver paint pen.








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