Picasso Hearts


My first year teaching I came across Painted Paper and immediately thought “Holy Moley she’s a genius!” I love the texture and variety paint provides to paper and had never thought of just painting whole pieces to cut up and use before. We did a lot of Laura’s lessons that first year and had a lot of fun making a lot of messes with the paper.

As I have grown and developed professionally I have tried to create my own lessons while also changing and making adjustments to the ones other amazing bloggers put out every year. There are some though that are just great the way they are.

I do these Rose Period Hearts every year with the Kindergarten crew and they are always a huge hit school wide. This is the fifth time and it always amazes me how every year every batch is completely different from the one before. This is a great single day lesson and fun way to spend Valentine’s Day with the little ones.

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