New year, new school, new room!


Last school year ended early for me due to the arrival of Miss Lily into our lives. Just after I started my maternity leave I was offered a position at a new school. This is going to be my first year as an A. C. Steere Gator!

This is such a huge blessing for me. This is my neighborhood school district which means I am now teaching at the school my kiddos will attend! I am  so excited to be a part of this wonderful family and cannot wait to see all the amazing things these kids can do!

I started the year by creating the largest bulletin board ever! I filled it with samples from previous projects so that all the kids and parents will get a good idea of the kind of things I like to do in class.


My room is a little bare right now. I have decided to try something different and I plan on filling my walls with student work as it is completed this year. I also saved some space for the “mail” students bring me. I love when they run up and say “Mrs. Simmons I made this for you at home last night!!!” so I wanted to make sure I left space on the walls for that. I’ve got my rules up, my standards rubric, and objectives ready to go though. Shout out to Mrs Picasso’s Art Room for the awesome craftsmanship posters. I tweaked them to match my room theme but I totally got the idea from her!

This guy is our class mascot. My husband and I built this to be a sign for Artbreak every spring but until April he’s going to hangout in my room. Right now the students are voting on what his name will be. The leading name is Mr. Pickle with Bob trailing close behind.


This was me on the first day of school. One of our fifth grade teachers sold me this super awesome skirt nad the kids LOVED it. I felt very Cassie Stephens-esque all day it was awesome! This is going to be a great year I can already tell.


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