Halloween Bats and Frankenstein Monsters


I love Halloween and I love how these quick activities turned out. I like to try and squeeze in some fun single day lessons when a holiday falls on a school day and Art Projects for Kids has tons of great drawing tutorials that make it really easy.

This year I had the third and fourth graders follow the steps of the Cartoon Vampire Bat because I love how simple and adorable it is. I knew there would be plenty of time for this short drawing so I gave them a twist. After finishing the drawing and really stressing that they draw light because we would be making changes I asked them to give their bats all costumes. They did amazing. I only manged to get pictures of third grade but the fourth graders did great too. They were so proud that when I started taking pictures most of them wanted to be in the picture too.

Later in the day first grade had some Halloween fun too. They drew their own Frankenstein’s Monsters inspired by the Cubism Face over at Art Projects for Kids. We drew our eyes instead of using paper cut ones but the kids didn’t mind at all. While they were working we listened to some Halloween music and all got excited for the candy they would be getting later that night.

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