An “Art Break” for our staff!


In October we had a Professional Development day for teachers to dive deep into their data and work together to plan ways to continue supporting and bettering our school. Thanks to an amazing idea from another art teacher (THANK YOU Christine!) we split up into groups and the teachers rotated through different stations throughout the day.

Our awesome librarian Mrs. McInnis and I lead our teachers through creating a large collaborative Zentangled version of our school. I started by tracing the outline of the school onto an 18″x 24″ piece of manila tag board. Then I traced over that with an extra fine point sharpie. img_8856

I went through all my markers and colored pencils and created boxes labeled for each different area of the image. The colors being sorted out ahead of time made our day go much more smoothly. The day before I went down the side and did a small sample of each different area.


Mrs. McInnis printed and laminated (she really is amazing) a huge stack of zentangle designs for our teachers to get ideas. As each group came in we would do a mini demonstration and then they would get to work. Most groups stayed past their 45 minute allotment and we even had a few teachers come back in at the end of the day to do more because they loved it so much. At the end of the day we had almost completed it. There was just enough space left for the teachers and aides who were not present and for the administration.


Over the next few weeks I tracked down everyone else and we now have an amazing masterpiece to hand in our school created by the whole staff!


This is by far one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to do as a teacher. I can’t wait to come up with something fun for us for next year!

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