Cat in the Hat


I love Dr. Seuss…like a lot!

When our school celebrates every year I plan a lesson for each grade focusing on his work. In the past few years I have done Lorax themed lessons because its one of my favorites and when the movie came out a few years ago the kids loved it too.

We usually do a lot of truffula trees and have a lot of fun with the construction paper crayons and making yarn pom poms that turn our pencils into trees themselves. However, this year I came across Patty Palmer’s How to draw the Cat in the Hat over at Deep Space Sparkle and decided to branch out.

Dr. Seuss day falls right around the time that art teachers in my district are preparing for Artbreak which is our big festival and so I only had one day to work on these with the students. I actually let them take them home unfinished which I hate doing… but this time I got a surprise from one class.

This Kindergarten teacher loved them so much that she had them finish them in class the next day. Then she matted them and hung them outside her room. I love how they turned out.

My only “rule” for the students was that they had to create a new hat for the cat. We talked about how long ago the book was published and how the poor cat had been stuck in red and white for so long that he needed a break. I love how bright and colorful they got with it.

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