Watercolor Goose


As I get closer and closer to my due date for baby Lily I am finding that thinking of new and creative lessons is getting HARD!

This is why the internet is so amazing. There are so many bloggers, artists, and teachers out there helping out those of us who just get stuck sometimes.

I love the drawing tutorials over at Art Projects for Kids. They are simple enough where I can print them for a whole class if I’m going to be out and need some good ideas for a sub but they are also easy to enhance and adjust to make my own lessons if I would rather walk the students through a project.

Second graders used this goose drawing to practice making watercolor washes and keeping their colors light. I had noticed a lot of students were trying to lay the watercolor on really thick with our last painting project and this was a great way to freshen things up. They also got to practice wet on wet painting.

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