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Every year we have this amazing event called Artbreak (more on it later this Spring). At the beginning of Artbreak, the Doctors and Administrators of the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center walk through and choose student art to hang in patient rooms, lobbys, and waiting areas throughout the hospital. The reception for this year’s winners was this past week, and I would like to share with you some information about this wonderful program.


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This program began 12 years ago when the doctors decided art was needed in the patient rooms. They teamed up with the crew at Artbreak and chose some work to frame and hang. It was a huge success, especially with the patients. This is a story about how the artwork they choose impacts the patients lives. Then, the next year new art was chosen and the originals were returned to the students.

Once artwork has been selected, the Cancer Center funds professional framing and hosts a reception. At the reception, students and their families are invited to see all the artwork and meet the doctors who chose it. They also receive a certificate and a stack of note cards with their artwork printing on it. The center uses the money raised by selling note cards of the students art to fund the framing process for the next year.

We are so lucky to have programs like this in our community. They really help to teach the children how important art is and how meaningful it can be. I am doubly lucky this year because I had TWO students’ work chosen!

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