October Student of the Month


Bulletin Boards, you either love them or hate them but as a teacher all of us have to make them.

I love them!

Every year I sign up for the Student of the Month committee. Our librarian chooses an “All About Me” page and runs copies for every student. The classroom teachers keep them on display in their room all year and once a month choose one to send down for us to showcase. Its always a big hit and  parents will come in and take pictures with their students by the board when they are chosen. I always do the October board because I love Halloween! Its my favorite holiday. Today I am going to share this years board with you and the process I used to complete it.

First I stretched out some spider webbing back and forth across the board. The trick to this stuff is to use a lot of staples as you go.









To see the finished board click below to continue reading…

Then I added the border. I am not one to buy border very often I will usually just cut some construction paper when I need a border, but this is some orange corrugated border that the librarian already had. She also had these fun purple skeletons.









I used Tru-ray assorted brights that I purchased with my supply order through Blick to make the backgrounds for their About Me sheets. I used the same colors to make silhouettes of a witch face. I found a witch hat banner at Walmart in the $1 Halloween section and just cut the ribbon out to make the name tags for the teachers.










I finished by adding these large candy shaped confetti pieces. They were also picked up in the $1 Halloween section at Walmart.


This is just one of the many bulletin boards I will share with you throughout the year. I also have two in the cafeteria that I am responsible for changing and one in the main office.

Do you have to decorate extra bulletin boards at your school? Head to the comment section and share your favorite ideas!




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