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I will be updating with more full lessons as the year goes on but until then here are some of the projects we are currently working on.


The kindergarten students just finished these line sculptures. This is one of the first lessons I remember being taught in my college Art Ed classes and I still use it every year. This year we also came up with titles for our sculptures and a price for if we were going to sell it. Next week we are going on a journey through the caves of Lascaux. I cannot wait to see their reactions its going to be so fun.


To see the work the other grade levels are working on, click Continue Reading.

First Grade

I saw these fun lions (by Melanie Lupien at The Colorful Art Palette) when I was looking up the frogs for second grade. We had just finished making some Color Wheel Turtles and I thought these would be a great way to introduce the students to neutral colors. Here is a student’s work in progress and my finished sample.

image image









Second Grade

After second grade finished the frogs in the previous post I pulled another suggestion. This time someone wanted to draw the “Night Sky.” There is no night sky more interesting than the Northern Lights. I found a picture of this (Farren Johnson… In the Art Room) lesson on Pintrest, but it didn’t have a link! We started anyway with our chalk pastels and black tempera. I later found the website and was surprised to see it was a fifth grade plan. I’m not worried though I think these second graders are going to knock it out of the park.

image image








Third Grade

This group is working on some scratch art owls. We are just getting started but the full lesson will be posted when we finish.

Fourth Grade

A large group of fourth graders asked if they could create a city or buildings. Some of the other students were a little weary of keeping up with that many straight lines. Some thought that cities were boring because they didn’t have enough color. So I introduced them to the art of James Rizzi and they have been loving it. I’m loving the results so far as well.

image image image image














Fifth Grade

The fifth graders are starting the year a little more seriously. We completed some Egyptian Canopic jars (I’ll be sharing that lesson in the future, complete with printables!). Then we moved on to Greek and Roman inspired vases. The orange side will be covered with black oil pastel and then we will press the two together and trace their designs to transfer the images. They will also go in with scratching tools and clean up any parts that don’t transfer well the first time.









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